USPS working forcefully to stem stream of illicit medications entering United States

Jan. 24, 2018

The U.S. Postal Service is profoundly worried about America’s narcotic emergency and is working forcefully with law implementation and key exchanging accomplices to stem the stream of unlawful medications entering the United States. In a joint effort with government offices and state and nearby law requirement, enhanced analytical strategies have expanded our capacity to prohibit narcotics like fentanyl. From FY2016 through FY2017, the Postal Inspection Service accomplished a 375 percent expansion in worldwide package seizures, and a 880 percent expansion in residential bundle seizures identified with narcotics. The Postal Service additionally executed a concurrence with Customs and Border Protection to characterize obligations and use shared mechanical answers for enhance prohibition endeavors and upgrade worldwide security.

Administratively, the Postal Service completely bolsters the STOP Act’s objective of expanding advance electronic information (AED) on inbound and outbound bundles and we have reliably progressed AED accumulation and sharing through transactions with key exchanging accomplices. The Postal Service is organizing acquiring AED from the biggest volume remote posts, which all things considered record for more than 90 percent of inbound volumes, and which, in contrast to a few nations, have the ability to give the data.


The Postal Service will keep on working energetically to address this genuine societal issue.

Is Danger Lurking in Your Mailbox and You Don’t Even Know It?

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, danger signs could be emanating from your mailbox. A few days away and the mailbox may be overflowing. Packages may be lying around on your doorstep. Full MailboxYellow or pink slips from a delivery service may be stuck to your front door – “Missed You While You Were Away.”

in transit to destination

It is always a good idea to arrange for the post office to hold mail when you plan to be away from home. As well as ensuring the security of your mail, it ensures the security of your house. Potential thieves won’t see an overstuffed mailbox and think it’s an “open call” to check out your belongings.

A request to stop mail delivery can be done at any United States Post Office (USPS) branch or online at A hold mail request can be done 14 days in advance of the date you need the hold to begin. Mail can be held at the post office between three and thirty days. The accumulated mail will be delivered on the date that you specify, or you may pick it up at your local post office branch. There is no fee for this service.

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If you are a frequent or long-term traveler, a Post Office (PO) Box is a great option. Simply use the PO address for important mail, bills and contacts, knowing that you can pick it up whenever you want from a secure location. Fees do apply for a PO Box. The hassle of stopping the mail at your home and never worrying about a change in your travel plans is easily alleviated with a PO Box. If the mail happens to overfill your PO Box during your travels, the post office will hold the balance of your mail.

If you are expecting a package to arrive via UPS or FedEx when you’ll be traveling, consider having it sent to your place of business instead of your home. It can be safely accepted by a co-worker and kept until you return from travel.

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Mail boxes can also be set up at a local shipping location, such as The UPS Store. At every location of The UPS Store, you can get a mailbox with a real street address and secure 24-hour access to mail and package deliveries. Additional services include mail forwarding, fax receiving and the ability to call in and check for new mail. They can even text or email you when a package arrives. While these services cost more than a USPS PO Box, the features of receiving any type of package (regular mail, FedEx, UPS, etc.) all in one secure location may be for you. This may be the best solution if you’re not sure exactly what will be showing up while you’re away.

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Identity theft can happen “offline” in the form of lost checkbooks or stolen bills, bank statements and other paper trails. Eliminate this worry by switching to paperless billing or automatic bill payment. Each month, you will be notified of your billing statement by e-mail and you can then review and pay electronically from anywhere. Most wireless providers are compatible with the major e-mail providers, including MobileMe, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and AOL. With an automatic payment option, regular bill payments will be made automatically according to the schedule you set up. So, while you’re texting, tweeting and keeping touch during travel, you can stay on top of important bills and business at the same time. [Note: While “offline” identify theft is reduced, you may be increasing the risk of “online” identify theft. Watch for my upcoming article on tips to be smart about online usage.]


While a hold mail request keeps your mail safe, and automatic payments keep it paperless, you still have to sift through all of that junk mail upon return. Statistically speaking, the average American receives the equivalent of 1.5 trees a year in junk mail, most of it going unopened and into landfills. Of those that do choose to open it, an average of eight months will be spent on that task alone over the course of a lifetime (yikes, who’s got that time??). One way to cut down on unnecessary mail and wasted paper, and protect the environment in the process, is by getting off of junk mail lists.

How To Put Hold On USPS Mail

How to put hold on USPS Mail: USPS i.e. United States Postal Service offer multiple services such as track a package, change USPS address, priority mail, certified mail, hold mail and many more. Hold Mail is one of the most used service offered by USPS and through this post we’re going to talk about how you can put a hold on your USPS mail. USPS is a united states postal service which provide postal services to almost every house of the U.S. Hold mail come into existence when you want to put a hold on your mail.

difference between certified and registered mail

If you’re moving a new place for few days or out of town for few days and don’t have anybody at home to receive your package or you don’t want anybody else to receive your mail item then in this case you should put a hold on your mail. After availing this service, USPS will put a hold on all your mail item i.e. your mail items won’t be delivered to your address rather than post office will accumulate all your mail items and will deliver them on the last of your hold mail request.

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If you want to use this service then please follow the instruction shared below to know to how to activate this service through different mediums and then pick any medium as per your convenience.

How to Put Hold Mail Request?
As mentioned above that there are multiple mediums available through which you can put a hold on your mail items. Read them in detail below and use any medium to avail this service.

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Post Office
Mobile Phone
Mobile App

Follow the instructions shared below to put hold on mail through online mode.

You need to visit
Then Click on Hold Mail option which is available under Quick Tools,
Then you need to Check whether Hold Mail service is available for your address or not
If available, then fill the form and Submit Hold Mail Request.


Post Office
You can also put a hold on your mail by visiting your local post office. To do that, you need to visit local post office and ask for a PS Form 8076. This form is used to submit hold mail request at a post office. Complete the form by entering all the correct details like your name, address, hold mail start & end date, etc.

USPS Honors African-American History Month With Black Heritage

New Dark History Month stamp added to the important collectionAs most would recognize, the element of Dark history in America is loaded with complexities. The covering stories of American lives and societies has regularly been a test to tell. The effect of subjugation, the battle for opportunity, the battle for social equality and monetary equality have been at the heart of the African American story since the start.

In this way, I’d get a kick out of the chance to believe that when Carter G. Woodson, who is credited with being the father of Dark History, propelled the festival of “Negro History Week” in February 1926, it was on account of the majority of this. After fifty years, President Gerald R. Portage encouraged Americans to “grab the chance to respect the time and again disregarded achievements of Dark Americans in each range of attempt all through our history” and turned into the principal president to assign February as Dark History Month. From that point forward, each U.S. President has kept up this long-standing custom.

Dark History Month is a significant time of year for me principally on the grounds that the media is overflowed with the symbolism and chronicled Film that mirrors my social personality; which is regularly missing consistently. Amid this time, TV and radio programming, and additionally, neighborhood group occasions highlight the numerous outstanding commitments of African Americans. It is additionally the season of year when The U.S. Postal Service® issues another expansion to the Dark Heritage® Stamp Gathering. The most current Forever® stamp in the arrangement will include social liberties extremist Dorothy Height.USPS Dark Heritage® Stamps In 1978, the U. S. Postal Administration, as a major aspect of its main goal to “praise the general population, occasions, and social turning points that are interesting to our incredible country,” made another stamp arrangement to respect African-Americans and the indispensable part they have played in U. S. history called the Dark Legacy Stamp arrangement. This year commends the 40th successive new release.Harriet Tubman stamp was the first in the seriesThe first stamp issued in the arrangement included Harriet Tubman. Tubman was conceived a slave in 1820 and is credited with aiding more than 300 subjugated men, ladies and youngsters escape to flexibility by method for the Underground Railroad.

During that time other outstanding African-Americans who have been pioneers in instruction, social equality, legislative issues, diversion, games and business have been included. Among those celebrated are: George Washington Carver, James Baldwin, Sojourner Truth, Malcolm X, Reverend Martin Luther Ruler, Jr and Rosa Parks.Last year’s eminent expansion was Richard Allen who established the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1816, forty-nine years before the Thirteenth Amendment nullifying Subjection was received. A year ago’s Dark Legacy stamp highlighting Richard Allen is as yet accessible available to be purchased on The Postal Store®.The importance behind the Dark Legacy Stamp Gathering The commitments of African-Americans to the texture of America is still news to numerous. Luckily, the Dark Legacy Stamp Accumulation serves not exclusively to celebrate outstanding pioneers who are effortlessly conspicuous to the masses, however to teach about the more dark, yet significantly huge chronicled figures who have affected American life.The Dark Legacy Stamps fill in as a chance to recognize African Americans who have influenced change, assembled the foundation of America and modified the direction of this country, for the better.The USPS likewise offers training packs on a few figures in dark history.

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American States

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2017 USPS Postal Rate Changes

The following new pricing takes effect January 22, 2017.

Changes to First-Class Mail®: usps store hours

First-Class Mail® Letters up to 1 ounce: price increase from $0.47 to $0.49
First-Class Metered Mail: price decrease from $0.465 to $0.46. Metered mail discount is now 3 cents when compared to stamped letters. usps tracking number
First-Class Mail® Flats up to 1 ounce: price increase from $0.94 to $0.98
First-Class Mail® Parcels (Retail): pay one price up to 4 ounces: $2.67
There are also increases for Media Mail, Library Mail, Certificate of Mailing, Return Receipt and Signature Confirmation™.
Changes to Presorted mail:

Presorted First-Class Mail Letters/Postcards: There’s an overall average price decrease of 0.25 percent, although many presort prices are increasing.
Mailers that presort their First-Class Mail will be able to send up to 3.5 ounce letters for the same price as a 1-ounce letter (previously same price up to 2 ounce.)
3-Digit and AADC workshare categories combined for First-Class Mail Presorted Automation Letters and Postcards, and for USPS Marketing Mail® (previosuly Standard Mail) Automation Letters.
Additional Service Changes:

Standard Mail will be rebranded as USPS Marketing Mail®.
“Alternate Postage” will now be “Share Mail”, and how it’s priced is being simplified.
Select rates for First-Class Mail®



New Prices

Single-piece Letter – First ounce



Single-piece Metered – First ounce



Single-piece Flat – First ounce



Each additional ounce (letters and flats)



Parcels – Retail

$2.62 (up to 3 oz.)

$2.67 (now up to 4 oz.)

Each additional ounce after 4 oz. (parcels)






Presorted letter – (now same price up to 3.5 oz.)



Surcharge for non-machinable letters



Presorted flat – First ounce



Each additional ounce (presorted flats)



Automation letters & Postcards – 5-digit – First ounce



Automation flat – 5-digit – First ounce



Surcharge for non-machinable letters



Select rates for USPS Marketing Mail® (previously Standard Mail®)
Letter 3.5 ounces or less – AADC (Non-automation)



Flat 4 ounces or less – ADC (Non-automation)



Select rates for Other Services
Certified Mail™


Media Mail® – 1 lb. Single-Piece


Library Mail – 1 lb. Single-Piece


Return receipt – retail


Return receipt – electronic



ups tracking

ups tracking number